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I might go somewhere with this. I still need a good plot going, so don't expect anything on a consistent basis lol.




The darkness was stuffy and the room was silent, save for the minute creaking from the old wood that made up the room.


The target had been simple: A manuscript of unknown content. Of course, the target itself was not enough to persuade the thief to do the deed. It was the payoff: $200,000.00 dollars for a bound stack of papers and words.


How could any thief resist?


A small crackling sounded in her left ear, and a weak thin voice spoke.


“Hurry up. Time is ticking.”


Her lip twitched. Don’t you mean the clock is ticking? The thief said nothing and she crept across the room. There had been no indication of an alarm system when she did her assessment of the parameters earlier, not that she expected one.


Momentarily pausing, she placed her fingers on the cold brass knob of the drawer. Nothing. She let the breath she was unaware she was holding and pulled ever so slightly.


The last thing she remembered as she felt the crack of wood against her skull was a small tinny voice telling her to get her ass out of there.