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I'm so lazy...

 Actually, no..I've just been feeling down. I've been applying left and right lol but meh.
Look at what I'm working on!Collapse )


I might go somewhere with this. I still need a good plot going, so don't expect anything on a consistent basis lol.


True and False: PrologueCollapse )

Can't stop the rub.

Requested by me. Done by AbsoluteFucker <3


Disney style got the best of me today...

Harry Potter © J.K. Rowling X3


Needed something to keep me from being sad...

Bros, dude. Bros.

Magnus & Xuan ©siegfried432 

Girls, please.

I keep changing my style. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to play around with shading :)

Onichi & Serena ©siegfried432 


 Because I haven't really paid too much attention to Tetsuya.


X3 Trying for consistency! Btw: This is her winter/Norway outfit. Not the regular outfit.
Onichi Kuroi is siegfried432 's